Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The weekend in S.W. Michigan was very warm by February temperature averages. Saturday brought us much needed temps hovering around sixty degrees and into the fifties on Sunday. I was able to take my XK8 out on Saturday, with the convertible top lowered. I finally washed the car outside to remove some road-film that accumulated back in November when I parked it for the winter months.

Sunday afternoon with its bright sunshine gave Mario and I the opportunity to drive the Clenet. We originally visited the garage where it is stored to test and replace a tail lamp that didn't illuminate last weekend after reattaching the lamp assemblies. I prayed the problem would only be the bulb as neither Mario or I wanted to attempt removing the assembly and wiring. Copious amounts of RTV sealant were used on the underside to keep the wiring and assembly free of water.

We arrived with new bulbs and removed the red lens. The light illuminated as it should and we both were very relieved that additional work was not required. I opened the overhead door and we both looked at each other and said in unison...Hey, let's take it out!

I drove up the Red Arrow Highway from Lakeside to Sawyer where we topped-off the tank. I told Mario to take over behind the wheel and we jumped onto Interstate 94 for a few miles. We continued the hour-long journey, picking clear streets to motor along.

This little jaunt did wonders to lift my spirit, especially seeing the looks and reactions from oncoming drivers and their passengers.

We had fun.

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