Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Harbor Country Cruising - Open House Event.

I am looking forward to the spring months so that I can drive the Clenet all over Harbor Country, Michigan. The Clenet lives in Harbor Country as Mario and I feel it's the better area to garage it. We have become somewhat local celeb's as we motor about the communities of New Buffalo, Michicana, Lakeside, Union Pier, Harbert and Sawyer in the Clenet. With Mario being a Realtor in Harbor Country, he is well known in the business community. He also serves on the Chikaming Township Planning Committee, so more of the locals are familiar with him as well.

Most people identify the Clenet as being Mario's car as he has more opportunity to drive it than I do, given that I live in Chicago Monday through Friday afternoon. Every so often when I'm behind the wheel, someone toots their horn or wave and shout "hey Mario!" I merely wave and motor along, enjoying the view from behind that long hood!

Speaking of Harbor Country and the communities that comprise the Southwest Michigan area, the local Realtors have teamed up to host a HUGE open house event. It's called: HarborCountryOpenHouse and has it's own website where you can learn more information.

In any case, here's what I know:
HarborCountryOpenHouse event on April 25th
Over 100 homes will be open to prospective buyers.
12:00 noon - 4:00 pm - maps available.
After the open house event, there are after-parties at the Round Barn Winery and St. Julian Winery in Union Pier, just off Exit 6 on Union Pier Road. Admission to either after-party is by invitation from your realtor. If you are not working with a realtor, you can contact my brother Mario Zarantenello by going to his website: to get more information.

Mario is not only by brother, but he is also my Harbor Country Realtor and found me the perfect Weekend House in Three Oaks about two years ago. I now spend all of my weekends in Three Oaks, being a short 75 minute drive from my Chicago nieghborhood, Sandburg Village in the Gold Coast.

So come out and perhaps you'll see me cruising all over Harbor Country in our Clenet during the HarborCountryOpenHouse event!

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