Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Drive in Harbor Country

Warm sunshine and clear skies on a beautiful Sunday morning means that one could drive their Clenet all over Harbor long they own one! I backed our Clenet out of the garage and drove to Bailey's where I would meet Ken for breakfast this morning. I scored rock-star parking out front and took a window seat and opened my laptop. The place was busy and had a lively atmosphere.

Ken arrived about twenty minutes later. I closed the computer, ordered breakfast and enjoyed a leisurely weekend breakfast. Afterwards, Ken left to open the Featherbone Factory Store and I drove towards Lakeside towards Mario's home. Just as I turned onto the dirt road he calls a "country lane," I noticed our '67 Fleetwood driving away from his home.

I followed the Caddy to the intersection to have Mario finally realize I was in the Clenet behind him. He was about to meet a client in nearby Union Pier. Knowing this particular client, I followed and enjoyed a quick conversation at Skip's farmers market.

The Caddy has been ignored since acquiring the Clenet and Mario was going to have fun with Priscilla today. We agreed to meet back at his home to spend time freshening the old gal. On my way back towards Lakeside, I stopped at Milda's deli and bakery in Union Pier. Milda was seated outside the establishment and immediately greeted the Clenet. Yes, I digress the car usually gets top billing!

We spoke for a bit, however I was a parched and desperately needed some libation! Milda asked if I'd wait for a few minutes to give her husband time to run over with his camera. Linus has been snapping pics of customers inside the store and at times, really cool cars outside! Today was Clenet Roadster's lucky day to be the local Union Pier celeb du jour.

I stuck around, offering to reposition the car for a few shots that showed the deli in the background. While posing for the pics we were greeted by a few of Milda's customers - some inquiring about the car. I am always eager to share the Clenet story and the history of #229. Needing to get on my way back to Mario's home, I departed and agreed to bring our '67 Fleetwood Brougham this fall season. With a blast of the airhorns, I sped away to spend several hours with Mario and Priscilla, Queen of the Prairie.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer Drive, Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

September is here and I ask myself where summer went? Here in the Midwest, the trees will begin to change colors soon and I feel as if we didn't get to enjoy driving the Clenet that much. I just came across this photo that was taken back in July when Mario and I made an impromtu drive to Chicago on a sunny weekday afternoon.
For some reason, I had my camera with me and took a few snapshots of us motoring up Michigan Avenue, Lake Shore Drive and along various city streets. The view from behind the wheel of the Clenet is interesting at best. The hood seems to go on forever and the chrome bullet-style turn indicators act as guides to assist the driver while negotiating lanes.

This particular day I had a scheduled dental appointment in the south suburbs while Mario wanted to get his hair cut on the far north side of the city. We saw each other that morning over breakfast and each mentioned their plans to drive to Chicago. In unison, we agreed to carpool and also chose to take the Clenet. Mario's appointment was first and we drove from Michigan, through Indiana via the Toll way and entered Chicago over the Skyway toll-bridge.

Once past the Dan Ryan expressway Mario continued along Lake Shore Drive to the Hollywood Avenue exit into the Edgewater neighborhood to his barber. It was a busy early afternoon and a typical twenty minute haircut took just about an hour with waiting time. I waited outside with the car the entire time. Mario emerged from the barber and we hurried back to Lake Shore Drive to begin our forty-five minute drive into suburban Homewood for my dental appointment. Mario spent time at a local automotive retailer while I was getting my teeth cleaned. After the appointment we headed back to Michigan, just in time for dinner.

With September upon us, I have every intention to enjoy the Clenet before it will be parked for the winter. In a few short weeks the LCC-MDR region will be hosting their annual Saugatuck event and with luck, the weather will cooperate this year!

Happy motoring.