Monday, October 27, 2008

Time For the Facelift!

Mario and I pieced the front end of our Clenet back together after the collision I endured back in August. This past weekend we decided it was time to remove all of the trim, lights, horns and other chrome goodies from the fenders to help facilitate the body and frame repair.
Saturday morning was cold and rainy in Three Oaks, MI. After having breakfast at Bailey's Cafe we returned to Kens house to start the de-jeweling process. Mario and I jumped in with both feet. He chose to start up front and I began by removing the teak rub strips on the running boards.

The process took about three hours as we methodically removed bolt after bolt, labeling each piece and placing them into their own zip-lock bag. Most parts were already labeled from the factory which will make refitting much easier.

Each individual wiring harness were tagged and photographed as to ensure lights don't flash when we push the horn button upon final reassembly!

The car will be going into the body shop this week where both fenders will be removed, repaired and repainted. With the fenders removed, the shop can nudge the frame back to where it belongs, giving us a symmetrical vehicle when complete. We will most likely not be driving the car until spring arrives in early 2009. Something that I will be greatly anticipating over our blustery Midwestern winter.

We have a week or so to decide upon the new color of the fenders and we are both leaning to a red that will compliment the grey body and the red leather interior. We'll see what happens...


Warren Woods Road

I spent last week in Michigan as I usually do every mid-October, to enjoy the bright crisp mornings along with the vibrant fall colors that abound. Wednesday afternoon was one of those spectacular fall days and I knew that a drive down Warren Woods Road was in order.
I grabbed my camera and hopped into the Clenet. Here are some pics taken from inside and along side the car.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Driving Tour

Every fall season, the LCC-LMR will host a weekend driving color tour to a predetermined destination where we can combine our love of driving and see the splendor of nature. This year I made a suggestion of our group motoring along rural roads to Starved Rock National Park along the Illinois River just outside Utica, IL. Our club treasurer Jim volunteered to coordinate the route while I was entrusted to secure a lunch reservation in the main dining room at the lodge.

We agreed on the date in mid-October and settled for Saturday the 18th. Bright and early that morning, Mario collected me and the Clenet from Ken's house for our two-hour drive from Three Oaks, MI to Channahon, IL where the group met for a quick breakfast of pastries and coffee prior to the color tour. The weather was perfect for the day with sunny skies and a daytime forecast in the mid-60's. Mario and I arrived at the morning meeting place with just a minute remaining of our anticipated two-hour ETA. Jim and Larry were already there with breakfast waiting. The group quickly assembled over the next forty-five minutes with about forty members joining.

Both Jim and I made a few announcements, talked about the scenic route along the historic I & M canal and handed out maps with areas of interest along our proposed three-hour driving tour. The group posed for a quick photo-op and then quickly settled into their places in our caravan as Mario and I lowered the top on the Clenet. We were positioned just about in the center of the caravan along the entire route snapping a few pics along the way.

As the group motored along, we passed through small towns bustling with Saturday morning activity and quaint rural areas that gave us the fall color we came to see. This tour gave me the opportunity to see these down-state Illinois towns that were grew from both shipping and farming. Our route took us past elaborate Victorian mansions as we motored through Morris and Ottawa, IL. The rural areas between these river towns were ablaze with stunning colors that only a Midwest fall season can produce.

We finally arrived at the State Park and enjoyed a wonderful meal. Afterwards, Mario and I joined a few car club friends for a scenic walk along the river and up along the cliffs. The driving tour concluded our car related adventures for the season and we are now going to concentrate on the repairs needed from the collision back in August.