Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring thoughts...

It's been about five weeks since I blogged about the Clenet. During that time we've had some warm clear days that allowed us to drive the Clenet. Last week while in Three Oaks by myself, took the car out for a drive and to run some errands for myself and my brother Mario who was busy working at his new Realty, Rubloff in New Buffalo.

My XK8 was in the shop having some warranty work performed to the tune of $5,000; so I guess I should count my lucky stars for buying that service agreement when I purchased the XK8 back in 2006. Most all was covered and I paid about ten cents on the dollar for some major work. The repair facility in New Buffalo was on the list of errands. I needed to pay my part of the bill and sign the repair receipt for the warranty company to release payment.

From New Buffalo, I took the Red Arrow Highway north into St. Joseph to return some electronics to the S.W. Michigan MLS office. I pulled into the parking lot and walked into the building. The two ladies at the MLS office asked if they could have my car and started to discuss some Real Estate business with me. They both thought I was Mario and were equally surprised to learn that I am his twin brother. I stayed for a brief conversation and shared a few laughs with them.

From St. Joseph, I took some back road surface streets to Three Oaks and got back to Ken's house by late afternoon and took a quick nap. It was just one of those days where an afternoon nap sounded like a simple luxury, and I was all for it. Mario called just past five PM and we agreed to meet in Lakeside to return the Clenet to our borrowed garage.

It was a fun way for me to spend a few hours by myself, yet getting those little pesky errands accomplished. I'm looking forward to having the car in Chicago during the fair-weather months to cruise around the Gold Coast neighborhood and along Michigan Ave.

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