Monday, June 9, 2008

Off the truck and in good hands...

At 8:00 Friday morning, the carrier delivered our car. We were excited and relieved that it finally made its way to Three Oaks. The service team quickly examined the car as we discussed details to make it ready for a quick car show the following day. We agreed on a tentative completion time, barring any unfortunate findings once the car was thoroughly inspected.

Later in the day, Mario dropped in on the dealer and to his surprise, they had the car running. All it needed was a new fuel pump, filter and oil/trans service. We insisted on new tires which had been shipped via overnight service. A hearty thank you goes out to the guys at Three Oaks Ford and to Tom @ the Clenet Corner who phoned our service manager with information and suggestions!

I am the lucky brother who collected the car Saturday morning - 90 minutes earlier than promised. I was merely driving past the dealership and noticed our car off the rack and backed into the stall. The team met me as I entered the bay and told me to go ahead and take it out for a spin. A technician had already performed a road test and was confident we would be just fine for the afternoon LCC-LMR meet.

I immediately drove away to fill the tank with fresh gas and couldn't believe the amount of attention I was getting. After fueling, I drove back past the dealership to where some local friends were hosting a benefit car wash. As I approached the supermarket, I didn't see Mario driving towards me. He pulled his car up next to me and had the most incredible smile on his face! Wow...I knew that was you from a good mile away, he exclaimed!

He followed me to my partner's home where we spent the next three hours cleaning, polishing and buffing to get it ready. The sunburn was worth it! As I compose this posting, my neck is still tingling.

By 2PM we were off to the car show, not expecting the reaction received from our fellow club members...we never thought our Clenet would be the jewel of the show!
-Ron Zarantenello

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