Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lake Shore Drive

Mario and I just spoke on the phone. Tomorrow, he is driving the Clenet to Chicago so that I can have it this coming weekend to show at the Burr Ridge Village Center car show on Saturday afternoon. He will return to Michigan in my XK8 Thursday morning.

Wednesday evening we are meeting friends at Millennium Park to attend an outdoor concert at the Pritzker Pavilion. Our original plans were to drive the Clenet to our favorite restaurant in Old Town, however our plans changed when Bjorn sent an e-mail inviting us to the concert. Of course we will take the subway downtown for the concert...but something tells me that afterwards, you might find us driving the Clenet up and down Lake Shore Drive with the late evening wind swirling around us.

I'll have the Clenet in Chicago for a few days and let's hope the weather holds so that I can get some photo-ops in various settings!

We'll see...
-Ron Zarantenello

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