Thursday, June 5, 2008

I've never been this anxious...

The car is scheduled to be delivered early tomorrow (Friday) morning with the service team at Three Oaks Ford ready rock and roll! We will be there to facilitate the car coming off the truck and then do a walk-around with the service manager once in the service bay.

I've never been this anxious over any other car that I have purchased over the years. Looking back on the first car I purchased on my own caused similar excitement because at the age of 18, it was the first car I had to myself. Back then my brother Mario and I shared our first two cars while in High School. I asserted my independence from Mario and my father by doing so. At that time, Mario and I shared the use of our father's '75 Buick Electra 225. Back then I wanted a Mustang or similarly sized car, however as I started to research quality used cars in my price-range...the mid-70's Opel Manta or GT were the cars I settled on.

Within a few weeks, a wonderful '73 Opel Manta Luxus edition was being advertised in the local newspaper. Burgundy with burgundy cloth interior and real wood accents. My brother and I drove over to the seller's home and found it to be in very good condition with just under 50K on the odometer. To me, this represented my freedom. Small, zippy and much better built than the Mustang II's and other similarly priced/sized used cars of the time.

I drove that Opel for 2 years without any breakdowns or repairs needed. That Opel served me well, however I now became interested in another "want" and that was the MGB! I sold the Opel for $100 less than what I originally paid for it and made certain it went to a good home.

The purchase of the Clenet brings the total number of cars I've owned by myself or jointly with my brother to about 43 or so.

Will I ever be this anxious over another car?
-Ron Zarantenello

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful for you two......what a gem you have found. Congrats!