Monday, June 9, 2008

How many a's are in Fabulous?

Mario drove the entire distance from Three Oaks to the LCC-LMR meet, hosted on a 80+acre spread complete with a mile of paved driving track. As we turned into the private drive, about half of the attendees were gathered near an out-building at the end of the driveway, sharing lively banter. All conversations stopped, heads turned and all eyes were immediately upon us.

I didn't know what to say or expect from the group. We quickly asked where the show field was and drove off in the direction our host had gestured. As we drove away from the group, all I heard was "faaaaaabulous!" Hearing that many a's pronounced in the word fabulous, we knew we had a captive audience.

We took the next open spot and immediately fielded many, many questions from guys who own stunning mid-century Lincolns, Imperials, Cadillacs along with the Audi / Porsche / VW performance crowd. It wasn't too long that the host opened up the track and we had many of the guys asking to take the Clenet out. Of course we obliged!

Other than my brother and I discussing the purchase, I have not heard "Clenet" spoken so many times and by so many people...ever!

The Clenet looked great, we felt like celeb's and it was the perfect meet to debut our car. Next weekend: The worlds largest organized Flag Day parade!
-Ron Zarantenello

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