Friday, August 1, 2008

Hey, you know those are from a Harley?

It's Friday afternoon and I just got back from taking a small ride through the Harbor Country area to fill the tank and check the tire pressure. I noticed that a good number of guys on motorcycles always seem to give the "thumbs up" or other positive gesture. Mario and I ask ourselves...what is it that gets their attention? Could it be those fabulous chrome side pipes? Or, how about the stand-alone headlights? Perhaps its the sheer amount of chrome on the car.

While stopped in the left turn lane at the (and I do mean the one and only) stoplight in New Buffalo, a guy on a Harley pulled along side and looked over. He said...Hey, you know those are Harley tail lights you got there?

I knew the stop/tail light lens assemblies Alain used are from a motorcycle as they have a clear window that would illuminate the rear license plate. We just didn't know from which manufacturer or make.

For the past hour, I've been using Google to find really cool chrome add-ons for Harley Davidson tail lights. Something tells me that UPS might deliver some chrome visors or other Harley accessories to dress up these lenses.

*It's a few weeks since I wrote this post. Last week, Mario and I purchased chrome sleeves from the local Harley shop in Michigan City, IN to dress up the motorcycle look of the taillights. I like the fact that the sleeve covers the clear window on top of the light and helps disguise all of that red plastic of the lenses. We may need to fashion some sort of replacement side-marker for the rear of the car.
Happy Motoring.

Ron Zarantenello

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