Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Seatbelt Upgrade...

After I added the hooks to support the convertible top when lowered to keep it from interfering with the seatbelts, Mario wanted to add another part to keep the belts aligned with the seats. He found his way to a salvage yard in Suburban Chicago and located several types of seatbelt supports. Mario spent a few hours going through many cars to find the right seatbelt supports ranging from GM, Ford and other various import makes.

One particular pair came from a mid-eighties Pontiac that are affixed to the headreast support posts and are typical black plastic.

The seats in the Clenet have removable/adjustable headrests with two chrome posts that go deep into the seatback. Also, the headrest itself has several screws on the underside that secure the mounting rods.

Mario pulled the headrests from the Clenet and was able to modify the salvage find with one simple hole drilled into the arm. This allows the seatbelt support to fit nicely between the top of the seatback and the headrest. Easy to install and easy to remove should we want to show the car without them.

These seatbelt supports combined with the convertible top supports that I installed make the car that much more enjoyable. When you get in to go for a ride, the seatbelts are right there along side the seatback. The original Clenet design merely let the seatbelts fall away from the seats and were somewhat difficult to wear in the tight cabin of the car.

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