Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Waiting Room

The last time we drove the Clenet was 16 days ago after Mario and I removed the hood and drove the car to Three Oaks Ford. We were told that the radiator needed to be rebuilt and would be sent out to a fabricator in N.W. Indiana. The Service Team ensured us that the car would be ready in a week or so. That timetable worked as I would be in Michigan the entire week prior to the July 4th holiday as I usually take that week off from work.

I met with the service team on Monday the 30th to discuss the ensuing repair. They assured me that the car would be ready on Wednesday the 2nd. No problem, I thought as Mario and I found things to do together early in the week with his real estate happenings. Wednesday came and we received word that the radiator wasn't ready and Thursday the 3rd would be a definite completion.

I joined Mario at the Realty mid-day Thursday waiting for the phone call to come collect the car. A representative from the dealer phoned me at 4PM with news that the car would not be ready until after the holiday weekend. What a let-down!

Mario and I both planned on playing with the car later that day and to give rides in it on the July 4th holiday with our family and friends attending a daylong outdoor barbecue at his home in Lakeside. The bad news ruined my afternoon and I decided to delve into party prep later that evening and all morning on Friday the 4th. With the "change in plans" I chose to party the entire holiday weekend that culminated at midnight on Sunday with friends from Michiana Shores.

While driving back to Chicago Monday morning with just five hours of sleep, I phoned Mario and asked him to deal with the service department at Three Oaks Ford awaiting their call to give us news on the delivery. Today is Wednesday the 9th and they still have the car!

I'm confident we will be meeting with the service manager after it is completed to discuss the many delays. We've owned this car for six weeks as of today and it has been in our possession for only 5-1/2 days. I am frustrated because there were full weeks where nothing was done to the car and it was actually drivable, only to have the service being performed while I waited for the car on the following Saturday. We could have used those days to upgrade the windows, replace the stereo along with other wants.

As of yesterday, Mario was assured that the car would be ready tomorrow and that everything we asked the Ford dealer to find/troubleshoot/solve/repair would be completed. I have a feeling we will be keeping our future service options open.

I'll be working from home all day Friday in Michigan and hopefully the Clenet will be in my possession. Let's just hope the weather holds so that we can enjoy it on the open roads.
-Ron Zarantenello

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