Friday, April 30, 2010

Seven Days Until the First Show of the Season.

Mario and I are hoping to attend the Spring Dust Off with the Clenet next Saturday at the Chicago Belmont Yacht Club. To prepare the Clenet for this coming driving season, we have enlisted the guys over at Grand Beach Tire and Auto Repair in Grand Beach, Michigan.

Mario and I have not completely liked how the Clenet drives out on the open road. The ride isn't as smooth as we think it should be and the engine performance is a bit sluggish. Of course we're not tearing up the streets with the car, knowing it sat for almost 30 years without being driven, let alone started.

Grand Beach Tire and Auto Repair is looking into a few of the issues, starting with re-balancing the new American Classic tires installed after we purchased the car. From there with the tires off the car, we are having them move onto the brake system - something we have not done since purchasing the car! We've found sticking drums on one rear wheel - explaining why that tire likes to lock under swift braking.

My XK8 has also been turned over to a local collision center to have the rear fender replaced due to a minor wreck endured just hours after taking the car out of winter storage.

Perhaps the car will be ready tomorrow afternoon, giving us a few days during the week to give it a really good wash and vacuum! I'll post after next the spring opener next weekend.

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