Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We last drove our Clenet...

Mario and I last drove our Clenet in mid-November. The weather just prior to Thanksgiving was very cooperative, considering how cool and wet the Fall season turned out to be. The past week has brought Southwest Michigan a daily deluge of lake-effect snow that's amounted to about 20+ inches, with more expected. I want to drive our Clenet!!! With the rate of snowfall and the daytime high hovering in the low 20's, I'll most likely not get to drive the car 'til March or April.

Last winter was cold, however towards the end of February the snowfall had let up a bit giving us clear roads and streets. There were a few weekends where Mario and I were able to take the car out for a drive, snapping pics along the way.

Let's hope we have a few days where I can satisfy the need to drive the Clenet, even for a short drive around the Harbor Country area.

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