Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ready for the Parade...

I spent four hours this morning getting the Clenet ready for tomorrow's Flag Day Parade in Three Oaks, Michigan. I started by taking our vacuum to the lambswool carpets and removed a good year's worth of dried grass, leaves and small debris particles from deep within the nap. I'm actually quite embarrassed that we let the car get this dirty! The front carpets are removable, making the task much easier. After the front carpets were vacuumed, I moved onto the trunk which is also lined in lambswool and leather.

The leather hides covering the seats, door panels and dash felt a bit dry, so I took the opportunity to add conditioner. Why stop in the cockpit? I continued the conditioning through into the trunk, completing the entire interior.

I moved onto washing and drying the car - we're now ready for tomorrow's Flag Day Parade.

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