Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Repairs Have Begun...

Just three weeks ago I was driving the Clenet with the top down along beautiful country roads admiring the fall colors with temps in the low 70's for goodness sake.

Today the Clenet is at our local collision center in Union Pier, Michigan to start the repairs from the collision back in August. The shop owner has already straightened the frame to original specs which has realigned the fenders up front. The gap between each fender and sub-frame is now symmetrical.

Mario met with the shop guys this morning to discuss removing the fenders. Many of the bolts that attach the fenders to the body are hidden behind the interior carpets along the outer body walls. They are concerned that the original lambs-wool carpets might become damaged when pulling it away from the interior fender/body walls. Being hands-on, Mario was able to crawl into the cabin of the car to inspect the area affected. He found small slits already cut into the hide where each mounting nut is located. This is good news.

The shop owner and his team are now more confident that we will be happy with the repair now that a plan has been agreed upon. By keeping Mario and I informed of any concerns, changes and ideas during this process, I also feel much better with the shop we chose to complete the repairs.

Once the fenders are off the car and being repaired, we will take the car from the shop and spend time working on the power window installation and other various projects while the fenders are off the car.

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